Traffic Tickets And Violations

Are You Facing Traffic Violation Fines?

Many of us understand the ramifications of a serious traffic violation. Drunk driving and hit-and-runs threaten hundreds of lives every year. But even one minor violation can become a challenge to your way of life, leading to increased insurance fees, license suspension and other lasting consequences.

By adeptly navigating the legal system, you can mitigate the impact violations have on your life. Your life does not have to come to a halt. Phillips Law Offices can protect you and your rights during traffic violation issues. Call us at (706) 770-6967.

How Our Firm Stands Up For Your Rights

You may think that once a ticket is in your hand, there is no real way to fight it. But, the truth is you have the right to a defense and can contest your tickets, especially if you have help from an experienced attorney. William Mel Phillips represents clients across Northwest Georgia when they are:

  • Arrested for drunk driving
  • Charged with a hit-and-run
  • Accused of repeated traffic violations
  • Facing license revocation, suspension or other driving issues

To successfully charge you, the state has to prove its case. We help expose issues that can relieve or mitigate your charges. Whether your case involves mismanaged sobriety testing, inappropriate arrests or another issue, we are here for you.

Speaking With William Mel Phillips

The sooner you take action, the better your chances of success. Call our office right away to speak to our legal team. Dial (706) 770-6967 or complete our online intake form.