Estate Law

Leave Your Loved Ones With A Clear Plan

Is your estate plan up to date? For too many people, the answer is no.

An out-of-date or nonexistent estate plan can leave your loved ones with questions and instability in a time when they should be focused on grieving. One of the most loving and thoughtful things you can do is to prepare them for your passing and ensure your wishes are clear.

At Phillips Law Offices, we know this is not easy and can leave you emotionally drained. That is why we work to smooth the legal process and remove barriers on your behalf. Speak with our attorney about your estate.

Asking The Right Questions Is The First Step

Estate planning is a process that is unique to your needs and your situation, meaning that there is no single plan that is right for everyone; instead, your will or trust needs to account for your specific needs. Our attorney works with you to identify the right plan for you by determining:

  • What assets are a part of your estate – your property, savings and investments
  • If your estate will be subject to estate taxes and mitigation methods
  • Whether a trust is needed to protect your assets in the long-term
  • Plans for any donations you want to make through your will

Mr. Phillips takes the time to sit down with you and find out your priorities. He listens and then develops a custom plan for you, whether updating an estate plan after a life change, such as divorce, or creating one for the first time.

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