SG confessions: Singapore ladies’ most shocking Tinder ideas

SG confessions: Singapore ladies’ most shocking Tinder ideas

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SG confessions: Singapore ladies’ most shocking Tinder ideas

Hoe We YuneHer BusinessWednesday, Sep 21, 2016

Singaporean ladies let us know regarding their nice, sad and basic shocking online dating sites feedback.


“online dating sites is the ideal things that’s gone wrong since McDelivery! Quickly satisfying. In fact, We achieved your date on Tinder final might. Before achieving your, my better meeting would be some guy just who delivered us to a terrific bar, am interested in all I got to mention, laughed after all my favorite laughs, and explained to me he’d never ever achieved people that can compare with me in his lifetime. Then, the classiness ended; we all kept away until 3am downing Bacardi Breezers and creating aside. It actually was much exciting!”

– Annabelle Lim, 24, constitutional and credit score rating risk broker

“as soon as, we traveled one hour and a half – from Queens in nyc to lengthy isle – for a Tinder go steady. It appears nuts that I created all efforts, but there was a very good feelings about that separated father exactly who loved his own teens. We seen castles in which he even filled a container of vino for an open-air picnic in the recreation area after. I happened to be quite satisfied which he got learned simple footage beforehand and realized that We cherished seeing castles.”

– Gwen*, 44, deals and promotional director

“it’s my job to favor meeting males in person, nevertheless now that your friendly circles tend to be diminishing, internet dating might be the best choice. I achieved he on Okcupid and after chatting for a fortnight, we all decided on a romantic date at backyards through the compartment. He was even funnier personally, which set myself happy. There had been constant transactions, with fun and a bit of flirting.”

– Wendy*, 33, advertisements exec


“I’ve had men give me personally pictures of these appendages with no, we were certainly not talking filthy. Younger women are more intense with regards to the internet dating field too; male family posses displayed me personally hot images of these web dates – assume cleavage and bikinis. Simple member profile is ‘what you find is really what one get’. Okay, i did so cheat and make use of a filter to my member profile pic, but which is about it!”

– Mei*, 38, brand program administrator

“Online dating services keepsn’t very resolved I think. Most men are simply trying to sleeping around or become off to con ladies. These dating furthermore usually tend to fizzle aside after several months approximately. I proceeded a coffee date using this man just who appeared rather cool, any time we fulfilled, he was so arrogant! Howevern’t halt making enjoyable of my bracelets and after promoting to-drive myself household, he or she placed bragging about his vehicle.”

– Rashidah*, 34, customer relationships executive

“on the web is my favorite best solution to fulfill guys, but I’ve experienced some genuinely bad times. Our worst type of am with an American man from Tinder. He or she showed up in flip-flops, bought four rum and cokes for themselves since it got pleased hr, after that invested the remainder evening advising myself, in terrific depth, about all his own earlier Tinder schedules. Eventually, their coworker turned up causing all of us wound up enjoying sports. We felt like one third wheel!”


“Like roulette, sometimes your hit, often an individual see haphazard d*cks. I had been in Tokyo for a company travel along with one cost-free morning, therefore I satisfied with a man from Okcupid. The guy turned out to be a strange pervert which placed steering the debate towards our erotic dreams. After they realised Having beenn’t upwards for a random horny erotic encounter, they proceeded to grab a girl at the next dinner table!”

“we once fulfilled a man exactly who lied about their nationality. We’d been speaking on the internet period, but best thirty minutes before the first meetup have he or she article to come clean. He’d lied because he noticed there had been a stigma to going out with people his or her nationality.”

– Janet*, 37,advertising government


“I’ve got tedious or psychotic periods when that happens, i take advantage of my favorite orchard apple tree view to call for allow. It has a great internet reach feature that enables you to keep in touch with friends exactly who have piece of fruit observe via tapping. it is like modern-day Morse signal – if I touch two times, all is right; if I send my favorite heart circulation, know me as now!”