After exclaiming good night to each other, Seiji turned-off the light in the sitting room and gone back to their bed room.

After exclaiming good night to each other, Seiji turned-off the light in the sitting room and gone back to their bed room.

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After exclaiming good night to each other, Seiji turned-off the light in the sitting room and gone back to their bed room.

“Harano onii-chan, a present-day obtainable!”

As he gone back to his own space, the man saw Reo moving down and handing him or her a tiny surprise container.

“thanks.” Seiji joyfully approved and unsealed upward.

The current am a smallish dairy product Bunny mascot from sweetie Candy Girl . It has been linked with a line, and got an appropriate proportions if you are put on his cell phone or his own table as a decoration.

“i enjoy this, it is really sweet,” they let her know really.

The small girl smiled cutely.

After very carefully storing up the little rabbit doll, Seiji turned-off the lights and went along to sleep.

Then he entered Reo’s spirit area.

He opened his technique and checked their [gift ideas] choice and bet he experienced acquired afroromance kenya a lot of incentives from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s gift ideas.

After thoroughly inspecting all his or her prize goods, the man experienced about the most specific one among them had been –

[Free ability consumption card], was given from Shika’s item.

With this specific one-time-use card, this individual might use any means of his own free to him, without the need for any kind of his electricity or Mana, and dismissing any application limitations like quantity of period the man might use it in one day. Like for example, [mild from your Brink], which was only usable single per day, even though this individual used it when already, they might use it again for a passing fancy night applying this cards!

He or she obtained an [undetectable battle credit] from Mika’s gift.

This one-time-use credit would allow him to become absolutely hidden until the man touched some support monster or individual. This problem might kept for a maximum of 2 moments, which was possible for people with a very high degree of [Astral sight] determine notice your. If the man attacked items absolute while under this invisibility result, his or her assault’s strength could well be multiplied per 2, so he was expose a short while later.

This was essentially a classical mix of some assassin steps like “stealth” and “backstab!”

He been given a [Damage-canceling security card] from Reo’s keepsake.

By using this one-time-card will allow your to block any one assault originating at him or her and obtain zero scratches from using it.

He previously merely three terms to explain it: life-saving card! The man could definitely act pretentiously applying this to block some opponent’s greatest means.

Despite those 3 black-jack cards, all the rest had been some stat-raising cards along with products that had significantly less than dazzling impact.

Seiji gratefully accepted all their emotions.

The man instantly made use of all stat-raising black-jack cards he’d got, which greater his [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual strength] figures correspondingly.

From then on, he or she closed his system and begun to practise growing.

After the guy fulfilled the advancement specifications and settled the desired points, Seiji learned [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji rested for some time, then he used the same old strategy for jumping off the degree to go out of Reo’s psyche domain.

When he woke upward, the guy had gotten up casually to perhaps not wake Reo, got up out of bed, build his coat, and walked regarding his own space.

This individual wandered to the house, and discovered that Chiaki wasn’t present!

Leading home was actually available.

Seiji walked out of doors ascertain the silver-haired cosmetics standing external, quietly noting the night time air along with her obtained washcloth layer covering this lady arms.

The snow got ceased falling nowadays, along with moon have appeared. It actually was illuminating almost everything with a gentle silver shine.

Under this silver satellite, a silver-haired lady got looking up at the sky… this scene looked breathtaking and poetic to Seiji.

The guy wandered on to them side, and silently looked into the night air along with their.

After a moment of silence.

“your realized me,” Chiaki explained softly. “I didn’t sleep along with Mika, because I experience that I would be unable to sleep tonight. I will posses came back home, but i truly did not need to get back… thus I could merely disturb you this evening. Well, I did wish to discover just what it felt like to get to sleep on tatami mats by a kotatsu ‘s side also… at any rate, I became only being willful. I apologize for every trouble i might has caused an individual.”

Seiji searched towards the lady.

“I didn’t detect items in particular, and is only enabling you to create since you delighted. We became available in the center of the night to be sure of one because Having been stressed if you would staying frigid. I am certain you can getting little willful sometimes, and it’s really quality. If I thought that you had been claiming some thing unrealistic, I would reply to it. Basically thought that you were doing it unrealistic, I would prevent you in my metal fists of fairness. Basically one another hand, so long as I do not envision its one thing unrealistic, I am going to cooperate along with you, or give you some help, or accompany a person.”

Seiji smiled lightly. “So, therefore you shouldn’t apologize, nor reduce yourself an excessive amount of in loneliness… The expression of a female run from a tragedy journey doesn’t suit you whatsoever, Chiaki.”